Buy Goods

No more problems with change! You never need to worry about carrying cash again nor getting the right change. Everyday there are more stores to buy from.

Cash Deposits

Juice up in more places more easily!Deposits can be made at any e-mali agent right at the till. Making a deposit or “juicing” up your e-mali debit card could not be simpler.

Cash Withdrawals

Tills are the new ATM and a lot cheaper too!Use your e-mali card to withdraw cash at the till of any e-mali agent easily and for a lot less fees than at a regular bank's ATM.

Money Transfer

Pay friends and family across the nation!Transfers can be done instantly and the person you pay can collect the cash immediately from their nearest e-mali agent anywhere.

Bill Pay

No more time wasted in queues!Use your card at any e-mali agent to pay your bills. Water, electricity, rates and a whole lot more can be paid without a hastle...

No Monthly Charges!

With e-mali there are no fixed monthly charges. You are charged purely on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

Transactions fees are set at a fraction of what traditional banks charge, making e-mali the most cost effective and affordable banking service in Zimbabwe.

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What is e-mali?

e-mali offers the most powerful, convenient and cost effective banking in Zimbabwe.

e-mali has partnered with retailers and services providers who act as our branch network. Through the innovative use of technology, our partners are able to deliver full banking functionality at a fraction of the price.

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Open your e-mali account today

Opening an e-mali account is very simple and easy to do. You can do this in under 2 minutes and you will be ready to transact.

To register, all you need is your Zim ID card and a photocopy of it. Go to your nearest e-mali agent and they will process your registration and issue you with your own e-mali debit card immediately.

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